Story of Arab Christian woe used to demonize Israel

Story of Arab Christian woe used to demonize Israel

When we visited the Christ at the Checkpoint conference in Bethlehem earlier this month, there was an abundance of declarations that the aim was not to demonize or delegitimize Israel.

But actions speak louder than words, and nearly all of the scheduled activities surrounding the conference were designed for with a single purpose: to paint Israel as an arbitrary and deliberate oppressor of Palestinian Christians and thereby drive a wedge between the Jewish state and its traditional Western Evangelical supporters.

One prime example of this manipulation was seen in a visit by many of the Western Christian attendees to a Palestinian Christian family living near Jewish settlements they claim are encroaching on their land. As with many of the sessions and tours of Christ at the Checkpoint, the “Tent of Nations” episode was conveniently bereft of substantiating evidence, and ultimately guilty of selective omission.

Louis Lapides has the full analysis here, and it is very instructive reading

[via Rosh Pina Project]

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